A quotidian amount of pastry pain

selected reruns, part IV

NYC has a very good bakery called Pain Quotidien — but the people who wait on you aren’t very nice, at least when I’m there. You might even say that it’s the Kim’s Video of pastry. The other day, I went into the east-side branch to get a French Cream Bun. I asked the guy behind the counter what was inside the bun. “FRENCH CREAM,” he snarled, pointing at the sign. This cream bun was beautiful to look upon — two wedges of pastry with a finely sculpted layer of goo inside it — but when I told the guy that my order was to go, he took out a little plastic cup and squashed the pastry inside of it, literally pounding the cup with his fists until the pastry flattened out and spewed its custard-cream guts all over the packaging!

It was still edible but looked very bad by the time I brought it home. If you go, bring your own packaging.


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