Banana slug cookies will soon be baked.

I am still enjoying the surge of publicity related to my upcoming banana-slug cookies.

Funny — when I got my first book published, I didn’t tell very many people about it at all. But now that I’ve designed a cookie cutter shaped like a banana slug, I can’t shut up about it. I’m telling everybody. In fact, I’m working it into every single conversation I have, in the most awkward ways you can imagine:
Random stranger: “Hey, you’re standing on my foot.”
Me: “Sorry. Guess what, I invented a cookie cutter shaped like a banana slug.”

Anyhow, I am as anxious as anyone when it comes to the final product. The Buttery Bakery is going to start rolling out the crunchable slugs early in the morning next week.
If you happen to be in Santa Cruz, the banana slug cookies will be handed out in two places: up on the UC Santa Cruz campus at 1130 to 1 p.m. September 27 at my Banana Slug booth right in front of the Bay Tree Book Store in the quarry plaza. The booth will feature an actual appearance by the Sammy the Slug character. Then make sure to go to City Hall in Santa Cruz where the City Council is going to vote on a resolution declaring an official UCSC banana slug mascot day. For real.
Stay tuned for fascinating facts in banana slug cultural history.
(accompanying illustration by Dan White with assistance from Linda Knudson)

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