Bookshop Santa Cruz gives away free nuts with Sarah Palin’s memoir. (read all about it right here.)

Here is some breaking bookshop news.

Bookshop Santa Cruz — the same bookshop that sold Rush Limbaugh’s See I Told You So for the price of baloney (per pound) in 1993, is now offering a “free bag of nutz” with each copy it sells of Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue. Bookshop staff say a bag of Sarah Palin’s Just Plain Nutz is also available for $3.98 to those who have the munchies but don’t necessarily want the memoir.

Read all about it right here.

You might remember that this bookstore also handed out commemorative air sickness bags for each copy of a Newt Gingrich book.

If you look carefully at the bag of nuts on the web site, you will see that each plastic bag has Sarah Palin’s face on it.

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