Catamaran Literary Reader makes waves (with new podcast link)

Here is the latest news story about our mighty magazine. I’m happy to say that a  third one is already in the works (we had our editor’s meeting out here just the other day, and it looks like we’ll have great visuals and stories for the next one, too. Little by little, I’m getting my own contribution together. Looks like I’ll interview one of my  favorite nonfiction authors but it’s not official so I’ll keep mum for now. Let’s just say he’s written a staggering number of books and I’m attempting (early in the mornings, and late in the evenings) to read ’em all. I will admit to feeling intimidated as I look at the leaning pile of fat, thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated books on my night stand … By the way, if you happen to be in town on April 4th, the magazine is holding a reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz, featuring a few contributors. Oh, and one more thing: on the Catamaran website, you will find a brand-new and slightly different edit of my TC Boyle podcast interview, which uses his story “The Extinction Tales” as a jumping off point to explore his engagement with the natural world. The image and link to the podcast can be found about halfway down the page, which also includes detailed info about the first issue.

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