Corrected updated blog entry about Saturday

As it turns out, I will not be signing some advance copies at the New York Hilton from 3 to 4 p.m. this coming Saturday. However, if you stop by and say hello, I will give you a postcard with some information about “The Cactus Eaters.” These postcards, by the way, are absolutely free. Take as many of them as you want. So far, my visit to New York has been fantastic. I’ve heard readings by Russell Banks, Phillip Lopate, Victoria Redel and many, many others. So far, every one of the AWP presentations has been first-rate. Tomorrow I’m going to see Edwidge Dandicat and John Beryman. I’m attending panels and getting a lot of great advice for creative writing and comp classes. The only cause for worry is my diet. So far, I’ve consumed a large banana pudding from the Buttercup Bakery, a cream-cheese smeared bagel from Absolute, an enormous corned-beef sandwich at the Stage Deli, deep-fried zucchini pancakes from God knows where, and other rich gloopy foods. I’m going to be huge by the time I leave this place.

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