Harry Potter, Matt Damon’s “dorky” boots.

A lot of people are going around blabbing about the Harry Potter ending. I still haven’t heard what happens. Please don’t tell me. I’m still mad at the chubby kid in my bar mitzvah preparation class who told me that Darth was actually Luke’s father. Also, I read the GQ interview with Matt Damon the other day. He’s apparently still furious about GQ’s previous interview with him — just because they made a dismissive remark about his boots!! Apparently the previous interviewer called Damon’s boots “dorky.” Damon said that the interviewer did not have the “stones” to call the boots dorky to his face.

By the way, we’re back in the Bay Area now. Where are we living? It depends on which day you’re asking. We’re basically living all over the place.


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