Hell yes, here are my UCSC Banana Slug cookies! Banana slug treats have almost sold out at the Buttery

Hey everybody, at long last, here are my slug cookies, produced (with my home-made banana slug cookie cutter and cartoon design) by the Buttery. We handed a bunch out today and they went fast, and we hear there are only three left at the Buttery itself. Some people ate a whole fistful at once. They’re going to sugar-crash so hard! Long live Sammy the Slug.

When I first saw these I flipped out. It’s like seeing one of my cartoons or doodles transformed into a food item. And then you start seeing people biting off their heads and nibbling on their little antennae and you feel like saying, “No, no, no, hey you, stop, that’s mine!”

Artful cookie photo by Carolyn Lagatutta


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