I am dressing up as a pantomime giraffe for Halloween

Yes, current events are enough to drive you crazy this year, so I always welcome a nice distraction, especially a DIY crafts project that takes a maddening amount of effort and time. With this principle in mind, I have decided to dress up as a giraffe this year — a decision that required a lot of legwork on my part. Not to mention neck work.  This costume took me about a week to put together. I made it out of duct tape and emptied out boxes of Refreshe club soda, daubed carefully with yellow, black and brown acrylic paint. The costume also makes use of an old bike helmet and some cardboard poster rolls. With the costume on, I stand nine and a half feet tall, so when I am out trick or treating with my kid today, I am going to have a heck of a time just moving down the street, let alone ducking under false spider webs and low-hanging eaves. Wish me luck.

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