My first 3D movie ever

Today is my big day. I’m going to the Kabuki Sundance Theater to see you-know-what in 3D. But I don’t know what to expect. The last time I saw anything in 3D, it was a short feature at Disneyland, starring Michael Jackson, a bunch of dancing people in space outfits and a poorly rendered “meteor” that looked like more like a giant levitating baked potato. So these are my questions and concerns. Where are you supposed to sit for the best results at a 3D movie? Are you supposed to find the ‘dead center,’ like the old Grateful Dead shows? Will the glasses give me a headache? I already have glasses. Am I supposed to put the 3D glasses over the glasses?

Do I have to give the glasses back when it’s all over?

Does the theater provide air-sickness bags?

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