Some news about the new book

hi everyone. Thanks for checking in again, and please forgive me for taking so long to respond to the messages that several of you left for me on Facebook. I didn’t realize that Facebook had been filtering my messages, and when I checked it recently, I discovered that there were Cactus Eaters related messages in there that had been hanging around unread since 2014! I just wanted to let you know that Under The Stars will be available June 14 in hardback and e-book form,  but it will also be coming your way very soon as an audio-book. Last week I had the exciting and surreal experience of choosing the voice actor who is going to ‘play’ me in the audio version.  In other news, I’m also very glad to report that several writers (including some whose books I have been reading for a very long while) have already read and praised the upcoming book, among them, the fiction writer Elizabeth McKenzie and the environmental writer Bill McKibben.  Scroll down and you’ll find their remarks. Looking forward to sharing this with all of you in mid-June. I am going out on the road with Under the Stars in summer and will let you know when I have some dates in place.

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