The new issue of Catamaran Literary Reader is coming to a bookstore near you

Or to your mailbox, imminently. Here’s the brand-new cover by Belle Yang, acclaimed author of Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale, which is sitting right here beside my keyboard while I’m typing this. It’s great to see the word is getting out — internationally– and how this magazine is bringing together all the various threads of my writing/editing life. For instance, a month or two ago, I got an email from a poet who lives in Vancouver. She read my “Man in the Shoebox” essay in a recent issue of Poets & Writers, which included my bio at the end. The story inspired her not only to buy a copy of The Cactus Eaters at her local bookstore, but to order a two-year subscription to Catamaran. Anyhow, I’m proud to be part of this acclaimed new start-up, and I hope you go out and get a copy of the latest magazine, which will be a heavy hitter.  Here’s the line-up for our second issue:

Poetry from…Gary Snyder, Killarney Clary, Aleida Rodriguez, Judith Serin, Casandra Lopez, Dane Cervine, Judith Barrington, Anya Groner, Beatriz Vignoli, Linda McCarriston, Cassie Premo Steele, William J. Harris

Fiction from… Patricia Smith, Peggy Townsend, Deni Y. Bechard, Paul Skenazy, Liliana Heker, Elizabeth Crane, Chuck Rosenthal, Karen Joy Fowler

Nonfiction from…Jack Shoemaker, John Moir, Charles Hood, Eva Saulitis, Dan White with Jeanne Houston, Belle Yang

Visual art from…David Ligare, Sandra Ivany, Mari Kloeppel, Erika Perloff, Katie Cater, Dorothea Lange, Belle Yang, Charles Prentiss, Warren Chang, Linda Christensen, Noelle Correia, George Hitchcock

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