Today’s cryptic schedule for you-know-what

So, here’s my schedule

This morning, after I drink a cup of you-know-what, I’m going on KSCO a.m. radio right around 715 or so. You’ll never, in a million years, guess what I’ll be talking about on the radio. Must I say it out loud??? (It ryhmes with ‘shmug.’) If you want to listen in, feel free.

At 745 am, sharp, I have an appointment at you-know-where, to pick up a bunch of baked shortbreads shaped and decorated to look like you-know-what.

Right around 1045, I will be going up to you-know-where to set up a booth dedicated to you-know-what. Close to 230, I will head to downtown Santa Cruz to discuss you-know-what with you-know-who.

See you all later on. You know where.

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