Binging on books. Currently reading lots of them in tandem because I am indecisive. I keep adding to the list — New American Stories, and Gork The Teenage Dragon (hilarious; there is some loose-synapse creativity that almost made me drive off the I-5) Eat The Document by Dana Spiotta, for starters. Just got through a good, creepy oldie by Graham Greene called This Gun For Hire. Working on new things but it’s taking forever. Thanks for your messages to me, sent to my email account. I appreciate your measured encouragement. Meanwhile, I’ve put together a brief compendium of some recent freelance pieces. 

I almost forgot to mention that I’ve been invited to be a panelist at an AWP panel up in Portland, focusing on travel writing, so please stop by and say hello if you are going. My only other news — I am working on a homemade costume. I am sick of all the ordered-straight-from-Amazon costumes, so I’m going to turn myself into a giant peacock, using sheets, paint, cardboard, and lots of help from my kid, who helped a lot with last year’s Pantomime Giraffe Against Trump costume. See above.


  1. R Lynn Domer

    Greetings … saying ‘Hello’. I have tremendous respect for your mental/physical effort to walk the PCT. Great reading too. What an adventure! One that I would not do. Sounds like going through combat – something that could haunt one forever while living on this mortal portal. Your enemy was Mother Nature rather then a human w/a rifle trying to take away everything you have + everything you’ll ever hope to have in the future. The snake that almost bit you, & nearly killed you is not much different then the N Vietnamese soldier. When you’re dead, you’re dead … bottom line. Happy Trails.

    1. Dan White Post author

      Yes, it was an adventure that shaped and influenced me in unexpected ways. And it was a strange thing about that particular rattlesnake. It struck without warning (usually, in my experience, they can detect vibrations before you get anywhere close to them. That loud rattle is enough to make me steer clear.

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