Wondering why no one from Canada ever looks at my blog (updated, revised and reconsidered — thank you, Canada.)

I’m getting some email inquiries from Singapore, Israel and Algeria. I’ve heard from England a couple of times, and Icelanders have discovered this site. But I’m wondering why no one from Canada ever writes in. I am trying to think of ways to make Cactuseaters appeal to Canadians more overtly. At the same time, I don’t want to pander by throwing in references to the obvious Canada-related topics such as grizzly bears, Seth Rogen, Sealtest Ice Cream, Neil Young and Neal Peart’s lyrics to “Subdivisions.” Stay tuned. I’m going to mess with the formula to make Cactuseaters more Canada-friendly in the future. And here is my addendum to this thoroughly outdated post: thank you, Canada. In the past few months I have received many heartening and inspiring messages from people living in all parts of Canada, including one who recently bought The Cactus Eaters and a two-year subscription to Catamaran Literary Reader!! It just goes to show that my efforts to make this blog more Canada-friendly have paid off in a big way. 


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