Return of the Ideas Generator class at Catamaran Literary Reader

To all my writing friends — this February I am expanding my Ideas Generator class at the Tannery Art Center in Santa Cruz, with all new prompts to bring out the memoirs, novels and short stories that I know are hiding somewhere deep in the La Brea Tar Pits of your mind. Last time around, we had a lot of fun with a world-building improv activity, a “street haunting” inspired by the work of Virginia Woolf, a Victor Hugo-inspired art and writing activity, and many other adventures. In February, four four weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings, I will be back with all new prompts, visuals and ideas for your enjoyment. This class is strictly generative, with a focus on mutual support and the free-flowing exchange of ideas. Registration info here. See new Tweets

My “Transgressive” new writing class in Santa Cruz

hello, everyone. I am teaching a brand-new class at the historic and spooky Tannery Arts complex in Santa Cruz (Wednesday evenings, October 30 through November 20) in which I use improvisation, close reading, intensive writing activities and a “night haunting” to help you conjure new ideas for writing projects and squash your writers’ block. Since the first class takes place the day before Halloween, I would not object in any way if you showed up in costume. In fact, there is a sordid rumor that I will teach the first class while wearing a vampire bat costume. Here is the link with all the info and registration directions

On bloodymindedness

Here is an essay I published some years back in Poets & Writers about a poet and professor whose tough-minded ideas about writing and publishing helped get me through a rough patch of writing. He told me about the value of pressing onward, and developing “sheer bloody-mindedness.” Hoping to see Professor Connor when I go back to Wesleyan for reunion next month.