Battered scuzzy copies of the Cactus Eaters …

Lately I’ve signed some seriously scary copies of my book. A few of them looked like somebody dropped them in a lake, rolled them down a hill, or cleaned their showers with them.  I signed them anyways. I am willing to sign anything except for a blank check. In other news, I’m heading to the Hoh rainforest very soon to spend time with the bugling elk and write about “quiet camping” for my new book. Also, thank you for your continued support of my first book. It keeps creeping along, slowly, inexorably, like a slimy but determined hermit crab at the bottom of the ocean.


  1. Michael d smetzer

    Great book dan! Your bad ass and wild bad ass would like to party with you some day!

    1. Dan White Post author

      Thanks very much, Michael! I really appreciate this. (And yes, bring the IPAS.)

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