My spring writing class

Dear writers — I’ve had several queries about my memoir and personal essay class. When will I be teaching this again? When is the start date? All I can say is that I’m going to be back in a month or so — at this point I’m aiming for early April. I’m hoping to have another installment of “Upwellings,” my popular course that involves workshopping and generative prompts as well as access to an instant community of writers. Enrollment is strictly limited (and the classes often fill up quickly) so please check this site starting in a couple of weeks from now or feel free to email me directly at If you’re thinking of joining the class, I’m hoping you’ll have essays and chapters that you’ve been working on and are willing to share. (I also ask for students with a strong spirit of open-heartedness and mutual aid. To my thinking, the quality of the community, and the quality of the writing, go hand in hand. I hope you’re all staying safe out there (and warm) and I’ll see you soon.

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