The Cactus Eaters is now available nationwide

So the doomsday clock on my author’s web page has stopped ticking. That can only mean one thing; my book is now in bookstores all over the place. My pal, James, (who happens to be a character in the book) wrote in to let me know that he got “Cactus” in Minneapolis just the other day. It was pretty surreal to see a nice big bunch of them in my neighborhood bookstore up here in the Upper Haight. Today, I walked into the store and decorated them all with rubber stamps dipped in bright green archival ink. I also signed them. Anyhow, if you run into me at some point, I would really like to sign and stamp your book or books. In fact, I will sign just about anything, except for a blank check. Make sure to specify “lizard, snake, or longhorn steer skull” before I stamp it. Otherwise, I’ll pick the creature for you and you’ll have to accept my choice.

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