Willing to live in a storage facility

(I accidentally deleted the second half of this blog entry; here’s the restored version from some years back.)

That might be the best way to go. I would just move the lawnmower out of the way and set up my sleeping bag and Therma-Rest.

This is a tough market. San Francisco — way too expensive. East Bay — it’s the Brooklyn of the west, but it’s too far away (one of my colleagues says it took him two hours and fifteen minutes to get to campus yesterday!) and about to become very expensive. Santa Cruz — you’ve got to deal with Highway 17 and the fact that there aren’t jobs. I’ve never done the ‘blind dating’ or internet dating thing but it must be similar to this. The advertisements on Craiglist are always quite different from the reality (i.e. crackhouse by the beach, scary apartments, etc.) I’ll keep you posted — and let me know if you hear of anything.

I should point out that my standards are pretty reasonable at this point.  When it comes to living situations, I am as far from a snob as you can get. At this point I’ve lived in a hippie commune-type house on the Central Coast, and in a household of nudists in rural New England, where the keeper of the manor and his girlfriend would engage in clothes-free skeet shooting and lawn-mowing,  among other things. I’ve also lived in an illegal “granny unit” owned by a prominent law enforcement officer. At this point I can get used to just about anything.


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