Hell yes, here are my UCSC Banana Slug cookies! Banana slug treats have almost sold out at the Buttery

Hey everybody, at long last, here are my slug cookies, produced (with my home-made banana slug cookie cutter and cartoon design) by the Buttery. We handed a bunch out today and they went fast, and we hear there are only three left at the Buttery itself. Some people ate a whole fistful at once. They’re going to sugar-crash so hard! Long live Sammy the Slug. When I first saw these I flipped out. It’s like seeing one of my cartoons or doodles transformed into a food item. And then you start seeing people biting off their heads and nibbling on their little antennae and you feel like saying, “No, no, no, hey you, stop, that’s mine!” Artful cookie photo by Carolyn Lagatutta http://cactuseaters.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Today’s cryptic schedule for you-know-what

So, here’s my schedule This morning, after I drink a cup of you-know-what, I’m going on KSCO a.m. radio right around 715 or so. You’ll never, in a million years, guess what I’ll be talking about on the radio. Must I say it out loud??? (It ryhmes with ‘shmug.’) If you want to listen in, feel free. At 745 am, sharp, I have an appointment at you-know-where, to pick up a bunch of baked shortbreads shaped and decorated to look like you-know-what. Right around 1045, I will be going up to you-know-where to set up a booth dedicated to you-know-what. Close to 230, I will head to downtown Santa Cruz to discuss you-know-what with you-know-who. See you all later on. You know where. http://cactuseaters.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Dawn of Slug Day

If you are up on time, you might want to stop by the Buttery Bakery early Tuesday morning and watch me walk over there to pick up approximately eight zillion slug cookies that I designed myself. As a matter of fact, I could use some help carrying the boxes so let me know if anyone can help. (no, you won’t get a free cookie out of it, but I’ll give you a big fat acknowledgment in this blog.) I am nervous about this but I don’t know why. The bakery itself says the cookies will look very cute and banana-slug like, and I have every reason to believe them, but what if there was some weird miscommunication on my part, and the cookies come out huge or too little? Last night I had a nightmare that the cookies came out looking like tape worms, with hideous green frosting. http://cactuseaters.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

The banana slug you don’t know: fascinating facts in the pop cultural history of Ariolimax columbianus

You might even think that Sammy the Slug’s cameo appearance—on John Travolta’s UC Santa Cruz T-shirt in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 movie sensation Pulp Fiction—was the only example of banana slugs infiltrating popular culture. But Pulp was only the starting point. Here are few well-populized highlights in the history of UC Santa Cruz’s favorite mollusk on and off campus. Slug versus governor In the summer of 1988, California’s then-governor, George Deukmejian, vetoed a bill that would have made the banana slug California’s official state mollusk, complaining the bill was not representative of the international reputation California enjoys.” “I think the governor has thoughtlessly missed the point on this one,” said disappointed Assemblyman Byron Sher, D-Palo Alto, who authored the bill at the suggestion of a children’s group, the Redwood Campfire Kids. Sher emphasized that four out of the five banana slug species can only be found in California, and called them…

Banana slug cookies will soon be baked.

I am still enjoying the surge of publicity related to my upcoming banana-slug cookies. Funny — when I got my first book published, I didn’t tell very many people about it at all. But now that I’ve designed a cookie cutter shaped like a banana slug, I can’t shut up about it. I’m telling everybody. In fact, I’m working it into every single conversation I have, in the most awkward ways you can imagine: Random stranger: “Hey, you’re standing on my foot.” Me: “Sorry. Guess what, I invented a cookie cutter shaped like a banana slug.” Anyhow, I am as anxious as anyone when it comes to the final product. The Buttery Bakery is going to start rolling out the crunchable slugs early in the morning next week. If you happen to be in Santa Cruz, the banana slug cookies will be handed out in two places: up on the…