A quotidian amount of pastry pain

selected reruns, part IV NYC has a very good bakery called Pain Quotidien — but the people who wait on you aren’t very nice, at least when I’m there. You might even say that it’s the Kim’s Video of pastry. The other day, I went into the east-side branch to get a French Cream Bun. I asked the guy behind the counter what was inside the bun. “FRENCH CREAM,” he snarled, pointing at the sign. This cream bun was beautiful to look upon — two wedges of pastry with a finely sculpted layer of goo inside it — but when I told the guy that my order was to go, he took out a little plastic cup and squashed the pastry inside of it, literally pounding the cup with his fists until the pastry flattened out and spewed its custard-cream guts all over the packaging! It was still edible but…

Scalping free tickets in Golden Gate Park (plus “Extreme Mammals”)

I saw a scalper asking $25 per for tickets to the King Tut exhibit at the DeYoung this morning. The problem is: tickets are free today! Not very nice if you ask me. Also, I saw some employees of the California Academy of Sciences moving a big, scary-looking crate into the museum’s loading area. The crate said “EXTREME MAMMALS” in bold letters. What was in that crate, I wonder? I’m imagining a yeti or a sasquatch. Or a pair of snow-boarding giraffes. http://cactuseaters.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default


Someone had a wall post on Facebook griping about the lack of funny fiction books. The griper obviously has not read Homeland by Sam Lipsyte. I don’t want to wreck it by giving anything away; just go out and get it. You’ll never look at high school reunions in quite the same way again. I’ve exhausted Homeland by reading it twice. Now I need to get my hands on The Ask, his latest. Not that she needs my help, but you need to read Lit by Mary Karr. Look at the seamless way she incorporates the reflections of her older self and the way she uses poetic language and compression without gunking up the motor. She’s earned the right to be grumpy about other memoirists. I read the large-print edition, which is kind of like having a low-fi Kindle. http://cactuseaters.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default