Interview with Little Clay Pig

And this just in — a good talk with influential lit blogger Little Clay Pig, right here in San Francisco. Actually, you should read that blog regularly; it’s a good one. Little Clay Pig By the way, this week I will figure out a way to put in clickable links for my readers. Sorry about that. What can I say? I am a total Luddite. Also, if you happen to be a reader of the Chicago Tribune, Hartford Courant and NY Newsday, look for the LA Times review, which is reappearing in various places. Also, I had a really good podcast talk with the author Lisa Haneberg this week. I will include the link to that podcast at some point next week.

Haight Ashbury poultrygeist

Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve barely blogged lately. The reason is total exhaustion, on account of a very loud, annoying rooster that has been keeping me up at night. A number of months ago, I mentioned the fact that this tin-eared, crazy chicken moved into my Haight Ashbury neighborhood. For months at a time, he was so dead-quiet, I figured his owners got sick of his racket and made capons out of him. No such luck. The rooster is back in action now, and he’s driving me batty. All day long he makes the same loud, horrible noises — “Muck-muck-magooooooooo!” I hope the chicken calms down soon. Until then, I’ll do all my writing down at the Mission Creek Cafe.

The Cactus Eaters: Readings and travels

Here is the most updated list. Stop by and say hello. I look forward to meeting all of you. Date & Time Location June 4, 20087:00 PM VILLAGE BOOKS1200 Eleventh StreetBellingham, WA 98225 June 5, 20086:30 PM SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY Ballard Branch5614 22nd Ave. NWSeattle, WA 98107 June 6, 20087:00 PM BARNES & NOBLE12000 SE 82nd AvenuePortland, OR 97266 June 9th, 2007“Cover to Cover”/KPFA-FM Berkeley, CA3:00 – 3:30 PM June 19, 2008In-studio interviewKFOG– San Francisco7:30-8 AM June 19, 20087:30 PM CAPITOLA BOOK CAFÉ1475 41st Avenue Capitola, CA 95010 June 26, 20087:30 PM MRS. DALLOWAY2904 College AvenueBerkeley, CA 94705 June 29, 20081:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.“First Author, First Book” panel discussion.Anaheim Convention Center, Room 203 AAuthors include Kaya McLaren (Church of the Dog, Penguin), Scott Douglas (Quiet, Please, Perseus Books), Mark Sarvas (Harry, Revised, Bloomsbury USA), Daniel White (The Cactus Eaters: How I Lost My Mind—and Almost Found Myself—on the Pacific…

The Kerouac pigeons

Do you ever have one of those days that is luminous and wonderful one moment and grim (and rather disgusting) the next? Just the other day, I was in North Beach, and I stopped by City Lights books. They had one rather lonely-looking copy of “Cactus,” so I signed it, which was fun, considering that City Lights is the land of Ferlinghetti and The Beats. The City Lights staff was very nice about it. They put it back on the shelf with a little sticker saying “Signed By The Author.’ Moments later, I was walking with Amy down Columbus, and an enormous group of pigeons, straight out of Hitchcock, swooped down and voided themselves all over us — a tidal wave of voiding, and it covered both of us from head to toe. We tried to run but the pigeons closed in on us and kept bombing away. Wham, wham,…

The Cactus Eaters is now available nationwide

So the doomsday clock on my author’s web page has stopped ticking. That can only mean one thing; my book is now in bookstores all over the place. My pal, James, (who happens to be a character in the book) wrote in to let me know that he got “Cactus” in Minneapolis just the other day. It was pretty surreal to see a nice big bunch of them in my neighborhood bookstore up here in the Upper Haight. Today, I walked into the store and decorated them all with rubber stamps dipped in bright green archival ink. I also signed them. Anyhow, if you run into me at some point, I would really like to sign and stamp your book or books. In fact, I will sign just about anything, except for a blank check. Make sure to specify “lizard, snake, or longhorn steer skull” before I stamp it. Otherwise,…


This is extremely short notice, I realize, (as a matter of fact, I’m giving you a roughly four and a half minute notice, to be precise) but if you happen to be in the Ventura County/Santa Barbara area, the NPR affiliate is doing an interview with me today at 1:06 p.m.

Back from the backwoods

I had a fantastic time in the Southeast — I heard my first whipporwil, heard a black bear snort (very close by!), met a bunch of great people, went to a Bourbon tasting and explored some of the greenest, steepest backcountry I’ve ever seen. On the downside, I got a bit turned around up there in the wilderness. I had a close encounter with some kind of invasive rose-bush-like plant; both of my legs have red, crosshatching scrapes all across them. My next order of business is to beef up my backcountry survival skills. I’m hoping to enroll in an intensive orienteering course this summer as soon as i can find an open patch in my schedule.

Off to the forest

Friends and family — after I file this, I’m heading out the door and flying out to the Southeastern backwoods, which means that I will be kind of hard to reach for the next three days or so. I’m bringing lots of MREs and a spanking-new seven-dollar nickel-plated compass that I just bought from Robert’s Hardware in Haight Ashbury. I’m in good hands. By the way, this is probably my last ramble ever with Big Mofo, my trusty — and enormous — backpack dating from the PCT. He’s covered with mouse bites and duct tape, the zippers barely function and the hinges are almost rusted out. The time has come for an upgrade.

Someone outbid me on the “cactus-shaped rubber stamp” listed on Ebay

Mr. Big Bucks, I hope you’re happy. I had my sights on that attractive little cactus-shaped rubber stamp on eBay. It was going to be one of my promotional gimmicks, and now it’s gone — all because of you. The bidding war was ferocious. I lay down $4.50. You upped the ante to five bucks. The next thing you know, you jacked up the price to $6.50. Whoever you are, you are shameless.