“The Road.”

I am really scared right now because I am reading Cormac McCarthy’s outstanding novel, “The Road.” It’s a vision of the future, uncompromising and bleak. Basically, civilization has been blotted out, and there are roving groups of thugs with sack cloths and swords. The two heroes of the book are a young man and his father. They are on the run. Dead trees line the road. Trash and shrunken heads are everywhere. There are no institutions that have survived the unnamed cataclysm in this book, with the lone exception of Starbucks, which somehow thrives. So anyways, these roving bands of thugs, all hopped up on coffee and pastries, are going around laying waste to cities and forests. Great book, except for the many product placements (Pennzoil, Chuck E. Cheese, Amoco, Twizzlers, etc.) which I found discouraging. I’m also reading a great book called “On Chesil Beach” by Ian McKewan. Basically…

Published authors’ drinking and eating habits

My friend Sam Autman, out in NYC, sent me a very interesting article from the New York Observer talking about the dark side of being published. Basically the article said that a lot of the authors become very large (physically) and isolated and end up eating way too many Entenmann’s pastries because they don’t have time to manage their health. They interviewed a nice assortment of authors for that piece. After reading that article, I’ve decided to eat more holistically and start marathon training again. http://cactuseaters.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

The dark and secret world of marmots

I’ve dug up tons of research that I can’t fit in my book; I just can’t find a place for it. I’m thinking that I’ll post some of this excess useless research on my blog because I have no other purpose for it. The first blurb of research involves marmots. They look like guinea pigs but they’re the size of a small dog, have russet or gray fur, and can stand up on their hind legs like human beings. These mammals are quite common in the California high country, in elevations 9,000 feet or up. They look cute but can be quite savage. One of my friends, a former park ranger, said marmots wage war against parked cars. They slither up through the chassis, nibble through the plastic tubing, and suck out all the radiator coolant or brake fluid — and for some reason the chemicals do not harm them….

Harry Potter, Matt Damon’s “dorky” boots.

A lot of people are going around blabbing about the Harry Potter ending. I still haven’t heard what happens. Please don’t tell me. I’m still mad at the chubby kid in my bar mitzvah preparation class who told me that Darth was actually Luke’s father. Also, I read the GQ interview with Matt Damon the other day. He’s apparently still furious about GQ’s previous interview with him — just because they made a dismissive remark about his boots!! Apparently the previous interviewer called Damon’s boots “dorky.” Damon said that the interviewer did not have the “stones” to call the boots dorky to his face. By the way, we’re back in the Bay Area now. Where are we living? It depends on which day you’re asking. We’re basically living all over the place. http://cactuseaters.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default