Remembering Amy Ettinger

Thank you so much for your messages of support. My wife Amy Ettinger died at home last month. In the months before her death she reached readers all over the world with her Washington Post story, “I’m Dying at 49: Here’s Why I Have No Regrets.” You can now read this story without a paywall by clicking on the Sunday Long Read edition edited by my friend Bronwen Dickey. Thanks again, and if you wish to reach me, the best way is to just email me at – you’re always welcome to leave a comment on my website but I don’t always see them because I get so much junk mail in the comments threads that legit messages often get lost in the junk pile. In love and gratitude to all of you — Dan


  1. Barbara Wingate MSW MD

    It is inspirational just the tiny bit I read today in the Inquirer
    I will take this to heart .
    I am a practicing psychiatrist (went to med school late after being an oncology social worker including hospice )
    I am a older mom of a 28 year old wonderful deputy Sheriff
    I used to be naively fearless Now I have to work at it ! My daughters dad died Jan 20th 2024
    I think Amy would encourage me to laugh more and work less at being fearless
    Just come “as you are”
    Many blessings to you – I will say you are a lucky man you have been loved and given it

    1. Dan White Post author

      thank you so much for this truly beautiful message. Yes, come as you are – every moment, every day. And your patients in your practice are very lucky to have someone with so much empathy and kindness. And you are right — I was, and continue to be, truly blessed! Dan

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