Brand New Podcast of Cactuseaters talk with Rick Kleffel. (Includes Before and After Photo!)

(photo, taken by me, of Mount Whatever, located in Whatever State It Was.) Here is the podcast of my recent live radio conversation on Talk Of The Bay, KUSP FM, about the writing of The Cactus Eaters. And here are some of Rick Kleffel’s recent thoughts on the book, posted on the Agony Column. Thanks to everyone for tuning in. And yes, to answer your question, I will have more events and news soon. Can’t say “boo” about it at the moment.

KUSP FM and the Agony Column

Thanks to everyone for tuning in! Had a great talk with Rick Kleffel. He is going to podcast it, and when that happens, I will put the link up right here. When you tune in to his website, you will also see a photo of me holding up a scary picture showing what I looked like on the trail (in a self portrait I took with one of those crummy disposable cameras that they used to sell in drug stores.) Meanwhile check out the offerings on Kleffel’s Agony Column — featuring conversations with Mary Roach, Vendela Vida, William Gibson, John Brandon and more.

Updated: Cactuseaters radio talk: In conversation with KUSP this Sunday at 7 p.m. western standard time

(This photograph shows a peaceful, alluring meadow under Mount Whatever.) This Sunday I will have an on-the-air book talk with Rick Kleffel from 7 to 730 p.m. on KUSP 88.9 Central Coast Public Radio about The Cactus Eaters and other writings. It’s a call-in show, so listeners can participate.

Read these next (amended)

Rebecca Skloot: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Some pompous bozo on the internet claimed that Skloot violated a “rule” of creative nonfiction and journalism: “never insert yourself in the story.” That’s news to me. The truth is that every nonfiction project sets its own rules, and in this case, her involvement is essential. In this book, Skloot uncovers the life of Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman whose freakishly powerful cancer cells find ‘eternal life’ in laboratories and played an essential role in a vast body of medical research. Meanwhile Lacks’ family was kept in the dark about the mighty “HeLa” cells and couldn’t even afford proper health care. A deeply engrossing and shocking story. Skloot didn’t “discover” this story but she tied the strands together, using investigative reporting skills, immersion journalism and good old-fashioned storytelling. John D’Agata: About a Mountain. Wow — talk about inventing your own rules…

John Prine at sea

Can you believe this??? A bunch of my favorite bands, floating on the ocean at the same time, with well drinks, songwriting workshops and the chance to play blackjack with Steve Earle. If one of you wants to buy me a ticket to this thing, I’ll work it into my busy schedule.