Forty-dollar Jonathan Franzen tickets????

You won’t believe this. A woman from Ben Lomond is trying to scalp the $10 tickets to tonight’s sold-out Bookshop Santa Cruz event for $40 a piece. Can you believe that? In Santa Cruz, of all places? Great author and public speaker, and it’s always nice to see that much interest in a literary event. But do scalpers have to wreck everything?

Art, wisdom and enduring friendship: Jack Zajac, Don Weygandt and Doug McClellan

I’m posting this one especially for one reader, MGW. This is a photo of “Big Skull II”, bronze, 29.5 in. high, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. And here is my story about an enduring artistic friendship that lasts to this day. I was glad to see that the Hirshhorn Tweeted (is that a verb?) a link to this story so I’ve got a lot of art fans reading this. Couple of other things: thank you to Travis who rescued my five bucks off the ground at Shopper’s Corner (and who somehow knew my name). Also, a reader just sent me a movie about hiking the Continental Divide Trail! Looking forward to seeing it.

36 Hours in Santa Cruz: Sunday New York Times

Here is my 36 Hours piece on Santa Cruz, with a special emphasis on my own “best kept secrets” — not the kind of stuff you’re likely to find in a guidebook somewhere. If you follow this itinerary, you will eat a lot but you will dance and hike off most of the calories. This article made the Top 10 most emailed stories of the day. Thanks for sending this along. photo by davidcmc58