Beer Woods: the best hiking trail in America?

This week is the 100th anniversary of Muir Woods. To mark the occasion, Amy and I went on the best day hike in America. The scenery is very nice — old-growth and second-growth redwoods on bluffs marching out toward the Marin County coastline — but this is hike has the best amenity that I’ve ever seen in the woods — an actual, functioning beer bar, smack in the middle of the forest!!!
You don’t even have to hike out of the woods to get to it. You just walk right up and there it is, right on the trail, like some kind of hallucination. (that’s what I love about this San Francisco area. People are always thinking of interesting ways to combine unhealthy and healthy activities in one convenient package.) This bar in the woods has wheat bear, lagers, and dark beer in enormous tankards. My only pieces of advice: don’t arrive there on an empty stomach, and be careful returning to the woods on your way out. There is quite a drop to the right of the hiking trail leading into the valley. I didn’t see anyone tumble into it, but it must happen from time to time.

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