Cactuseaters blogsite: one billion sold?

Hey, readers — feast your eyes on that little box at the bottom right of this blog page with the little number in the middle of it. That is my brand new reader-counting thingamabob! Many thanks to Kara for helping me install this wonderful new device that allows me to track the number of ‘hits’ I get into the site. This is huge for me. Each of the numbers that you see on the screen represents my total number of readers — in the hundreds of thousands. In other words, if the little box says “nine,” that means that 900,000 people have read my site. If it says, “10,” I’ve reached my one million readers mark. This means I can now accept gigantic advertising clients for my site (and retire comfortably by next year.) T-shirts, cross promotions, action figures, and a special CactusEaters cactus-flavored cereal, are sure to follow.

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