Everyone — please bring comfortable shoes

To everyone who is coming along on the Nature Walk this Saturday in Santa Cruz:(organized under the auspices of Bookshop Santa Cruz.)

First of all, greetings to all of you. Looking forward to meeting you in person (and I’ve already met a few of you on my past travels, so hello again.) I wanted to let you know that we are in for one medium-grade undulating hill early on in the walk and one short but somewhat steeper hill. Overall, I would call this walk moderate, with quite a few easy sections (flat or downhill). Just bring comfortable walking shoes or boots with good traction for that steeper hill because it has a bit of loose gravel on it. Here is how this will work: we will talk about ‘voice,’ the narrator and the places where memoir and nature writing intersect. We will talk a bit about the lovely greenbelt property where we will be hiking, and take breaks in a forest, and on a meadow, so you can work on your ‘memoir’ and nature writing sketches. And of course I will try to answer any questions you have about my project, publishing or anything you have in mind.


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