Father lets toddler cavort in filthy birdbath

You’re not going to believe this. Today I was hanging out around Golden Gate Park when I saw a dad let his son splash and play in the unspeakably filthy pond close to the tunnel near the main eastern entrance.

I’m talking about that reflecting pond near the Roach Motel, the tunnel with the faux-stalagmites leading toward Hippie Hill. Anyhow, the kid was up to his belly in the slick green water, a special favorite of local waterfowl.

A man rode past on the bike and tried to get the dad to remove the kid from the water. In the father’s defense, the bike rider’s approach left something to be desired. He wasn’t exactly diplomatic. In fact, he kept pedaling away from the father and son while yelling, “HEY YOU!!! YOU SHOULDN’T LET THAT KID NEAR THAT DIRTY WATER YA BOZO!”

Not surprisingly, the dad didn’t do anything in response.

I was going to intervene but the dad finally lifted the tot out of the water and placed him back on dry land. Sheesh! Some people.


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