Hell yes: my Banana Slug Cookies shall return!

Not to get you overly excited but I just heard that my big claim to fame — the Super-sweet Extra-Crunchy Banana Slug Cookie with gloppy yellow frosting-is going to be resurrected soon. Apparently, the Buttery Bakery in Santa Cruz is going to bake up another limited run of these cookies (which I invented and designed all by myself, including the cookie cutter, not to brag or anything like that)  in honor of the upcoming UCSC commencement ceremonies.

The fact is, you won’t meet many author types who dabble in baked-goods design. A few of them treat baked items with outright contempt. (I was shocked and upset to read that my favorite fiction writer, Junot Diaz, doesn’t like cookies at all.) Anyhow, I’m amped up about this and ready to take on the big corporate cookie producers. Watch your back, Entenmann’s.


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