Horrible meal at new improved Italian restaurant

What’s the Italian phrase for “flat tire with tomato sauce dumped on the top of it along with some shriveled mushrooms” ? The answer is: “pneumatico sgonfio a la fungilli shrivilloso con salsa pomodoro disgustioso.” This is what I consumed during my highly unpleasant recent visit to the ‘new improved’ Italian restaurant that I frequent in San Francisco. Until last week, the restaurant was brilliant. They had a nice way with pastas, sauces, wines and the like. The service was kind of pushy at times, but hey. In the past week, the place plunged off a cliff in terms of quality. They became overly ambitious and highfalutin. They started putting wild game and other assorted creatures on the menu, while experimenting with peculiar new sauces. My wife ordered something that looked, pretty much, like a soggy, insipid bird’s nest with cheese on it. Translation: “Nido di uccello inzuppato y banale con fromaggio.”


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