More information about getting drunk in the woods

Some of you have asked me to provide some more specifics about the phenomenal “Beer Woods” hike in Muir Woods. (That’s the one where you embark on a four-mile loop with a working beer bar right in the middle of the redwood forest.) Here goes. The pub is actually a faux Swiss chalet with stunning views of redwoods and Mount Tam. It’s called the Tourist Club, and it’s managed by a 600,000-member group called Naturfreunde, with headquarters in Austria (so they know from beer.) The club’s address is 30 Ridge Ave., Mill Valley. Call in advance (415 388 9987) to make sure they are open. Also, bring a lot of food before you go there. It’s hard to hike back out of the forest, over steep and sometimes slippery terrain, while shnackered.

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