Operation Water Dump (and a library of literary podcasts—updated!)

I don’t read this chapter of the Cactus Eaters live any more because it makes me so darned thirsty that I get dry spots in my throat. No kidding. The very last time I read it, I was at the Rotary Club in Sebastopol (excellent group) and I drank an unbelievable amount of water.

Anyhow, this broadcast is part of the sound library at the Writer’s Block on KQED, here in SF. This program is great because it gives you a chance to hear selections from books in the authors’ voices. I want you to take this evening and listen to some of my recommendations:

Junot Diaz

Zoe Ferraris.

Sigrid Nunez.

Sloane Crosley.

Kate Atkinson.

Daniel Handler.

Rodes Fishburne.

Lysley Tenorio.

Mary Roach.

Amy Tan.

John Wray.

David Sedaris.

Peter Malae.

Andrew Sean Greer.

Kim Addonizio.

I have to run now (literally) but I’ll post more soon.


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