Pimp my cataracts

You won’t believe this. Yesterday, I went into a San Francisco spectacles store, hoping to buy a new pair of eyeglasses. I was trying to pay attention to all the fashionable oversized glasses, with huge black nerdy rims, but found it very hard to concentrate. Why? Because there was a DJ spinning and scratching records right in the middle of the store! There I was, squinting at the merchandise, looking at price tags, and trying very hard to ignore the WACKA WACKA WOCKA WOOKA WOCKA racket coming from the speakers, and the scratching, and the 20-something DJ wearing earphones and grooving to himself. I asked Amy why anyone in his or her right mind would put a DJ in the middle of an eyeglass emporium. “It’s the hipsters,” she said. “They want eyeglasses to be a ‘hip’ experience.” Now I understand. They’re trying to make medical problems funky, social, countercultural, cool and fun! I’m going to get in on the action by opening up an after-hours peridontal surgery bar.


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