Questions raised about my “Road” review

Someone has raised a few questions about my short review of “The Road.” This particular reader said she perused the book quite carefully and could not find any references to Starbucks in the book. Here, then, is a quotation from page 343 that directly addresses the Starbucks situation. I think it should put the issue to rest:

“The day dawned, ashes swirling, the usual pallor across the sky. The man and the boy saw a light in the distance, a pale burning in the middle horizon. Perhaps it’s a farmhouse, and someone is home, thought the man. Perhaps there will be shelter, or tomatoes and cucumbers in jars. But when they got there, it was just another Starbucks. Disheartened, they walked inside, knowing there would be nothing to eat that day except a ‘Heart Friendly’ egg-white Swiss cheese sandwich on focaccia, a maple-nut scone and an extra large macchiato split between the both of them.

”I’m sick of Starbucks,” said the boy. “I’m sick of all the sugar and caffeine and carbs.”
“But we’ve got no other options,” said the man. “It’s all we’ve got right now. Okay?”
“Okay,” said the boy.”

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