Speaking in San Francisco on Tuesday, July 15, at 12:30…)

At half-past noon, I will speak at Stacey’s Bookstore on 581 Market Street in San Francisco. I will read a brief but scary “cliffhanger” section that takes place in the arid hinterlands of Southern California. After this reading, which is a joint event with Vincent Carrella, author of “Serpent Box,” you should linger in this great neighborhood, which is close to a lot of great museums and coffee, (and serviceable bagels.)
By the way, thanks to Book Passage for a terrific reading. Before speaking there, we hiked part way up Mount Tam, where I saw a lot of fat, healthy redwoods, ferns, frogs, streams, and some of the largest, scariest dragonflies I’ve ever seen. (They looked like oversized knitting needles with wings.) About halfway up, I saw an incredible view of the whole SF Bay. When I have a free day, I’ll head back up there and do a long trail run up to the summit and back.


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