These outdoor photos are not workplace friendly (they might make you quit your job and hike the Pacific Crest Trail.)

It could happen. The following nature photos are eerily similar to the ones I saw in a slideshow that influenced me to leave my stable employment in New England and hike the trail from Mexico to Canada. In fact, those very similar photographs led me to quit my job during a previous national recession/depression-by-any-other-name.

Yes — it could happen to you too.

And don’t worry. After walking the trail, I did find other meaningful work.


Joshua trees in the Antelope Valley.

Desert scene in the early morning.

Frolicking in suncups under Forester Pass.

Peaceful, alluring meadow under Mount Whatever.

Cascades in northern Oregon.

Cascades, adrift in clouds and fog.

Pasayten Wilderness assorted fungus

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