We’re not the same person

Tomorrow’s Booksmith event should also clear up a bit of confusion. I have a (very vague) physical resemblance to Andrew Greer. In fact, I once went to a book store in the Marina –and the book store staff gave me a stack of his books to sign!! It happened again in another bookstore (in another city. Alos, just a couple of days ago, a friend saw Greer’s photo at the Booksmith and thought I was doing an author’s appearance there. And the weird thing is, we really don’t look that much alike.

By the way, I somehow got into the Elvis Costello concert. It was great! He was in excellent voice, and did a bunch of numbers from his new, “old-time” bluesgrassy album. He also pulled out an oldie from “My Aim Is True.” It was pretty cool to see him put on a performance in, of all places, my local record store. The place was absolutely mobbed, and it was very hard to move.


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