Your adventurous lives (formerly known as “Cactuseaters readers in the news”)

Here is a compendium of recent Cactuseaters reader adventures, outside and indoors. Keep in mind that this is only the partial version; I will add to this again when I have more time. Send in if you have an interesting story in the coming weeks, (but keep in mind that this isn’t an advertising site: no used Passats, junky furniture, etc.)

Imagine taking a year off and traveling around the world. That is what Asa is doing.

This just in from Jorma in Bellingham: Chris Beamish is off sailing around Vancouver Island (BC) right now in his 18′ homemade wooden boat. Beamish, formerly an editor at the Surfer’s Journal, is off on a sailing odyssey. He sailed halfway down Baja and has done a number of other great trips. Stay tuned.

Edie, a real-life ‘character’ in the Cactus Eaters, (and my big sister) is having fantastic success with a private-nonprofit that works to provide comfort and support for stray animals. It’s called Annie’s Blankets; she started it up from nothing, and she (and her faithful crew of supporters) are going strong.

52 Hikes is undertaking 52 challenging hikes in one calendar year; wish him well on this endeavor. 52 Hikes notes that he lives “in the Bay Area with an old cat from Canada who prefers Neil Young’s music and Canadian hockey teams.”

A few months back, I heard from Bill, whose girlfriend, Novella Carpenter, has been getting many great reviews for her book Farm City. It was great to see Novella read from the hilarious book during her recent book tour. Bill figures prominently as a “character” in Farm City.

Michael McAllister’s successful Barbershop reading series is going to be a venue for LitQuake next month. Congratulations; I’m looking forward to attending this one.

As for me, it looks like I’m going to read locally as well as in the northern Sierra Nevada region pretty soon; I’ll post an update when I found out more (I just received the invitations over the past week.)

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