Cactus Eaters makes top 10 bestseller list, outsells Obama (details below)

Finally. At long last, the Cactus Eaters cracked the top 10 bestseller list.

Yes, it’s true. More than a year after the tome was released to bookstores, it has reached the top of the heap.

For the past 13 months, it has outsold a popular book by Barack Obama and has even overtaken Olive Kitteridge.

At some point in this blog entry, I should probably point out that this bestseller list applies to one book store, called Cover to Cover, in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

But still, it’s pretty cool. On a serious note — if you’re a first time author, it’s always interesting to see the way books perform in various stores — even within the same city. A lot of it depends on the bookseller’s attitude toward the book and the way it’s displayed (or whether there is a shelf talker.) In the case of Cover to Cover, the book store has been extremely supportive.

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