Golden Gate bison.

I live within walking distance of the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park. I’m proud to have them as my neighbors. If you want to see them, they hang out in a field along John F. Kennedy Drive (across from the Anglers Lodge.) Just remember that these bison are built for comfort, not speed. They like to hang out, and, to be honest, they don’t move a whole lot. They mostly just sit there, sunning themselves, or wiggling their hairy ears, and who can blame them? Apparently, someone transported the first bison into the park more than 100 years ago, when these shaggy creatures were facing extermination in the wild (although I am glad to report that the current bison population in the U.S. is now close to 200,000.)
These park beasts trace their lineage back to three bison named Sarah Bernhardt, Princess, and Ben Harrison. And that’s not all. Now I hear that a family of coyotes has moved into the park. I’m not sure how they got there. There is a lot of open space in SF, but it’s quite fragmented at this point. If you see the coyotes, don’t try to lure them with food, and don’t pretend that they are dogs. Coyotes are wild to the core. Chase them off and give them plenty of space. (and keep a watchful eye on your small dog or cat.)

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