Lazy blogger…. plus cat-naming controversy

My apologies for being a lazy blogger over the past couple of months.

Lots and lots going on.

And I sure do appreciate my blog readers (both of you.)

Incidentally, my own cat is just as fat and lazy as the one pictured here. But I don’t think he drinks beer unless he sneaks it behind my back.

By the way, my cat happens to be named after the great singer/songwriter Robert Earl Keen, who will be performing at the Rio Theatre this Thursday.

I am so there.

Forgot to mention that I sent an email to Robert Earl Keen’s concert promoter about 10 years ago informing him of my decision to name the cat Robert Earl. To my surprise, I got an email response just a few minutes later, saying “Robert Earl is standing right here while I write this — and he thinks that’s a very bad idea.”

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