Long run: hairy bison, Golden Gate Bridge, and disgusting electrolyte drinks

Well, I finished that darned Monster Run. Started out in Haight-Ashbury, under the oversized pair of fishnet-stockinged mannequin legs above the Piedmont Boutique. I paid my respects to the bored-looking, placid bison in Golden Gate Park, ran around the entire park, fought my way up into the Richmond, crossed through the Presidio, got lost in the Presidio, tagged the Golden Gate Bridge (with my hand, not spray paint) and crossed through Fisherman’s Wharf, than Embarcardero, the Tenderloin and Hayes Valley.

Now I can’t move.

It was a pretty good run, although I overdid it, and I almost gagged on the salty apple electrolyte beverage that I stole from my friend David when I visited him in Pennsylvania three weeks back. Too crowded in Fisherman’s Wharf — I could barely punch through. On the plus side, the Shrub Man wasn’t there. (he’s that guy who hides behind a fake shrub, jumps out and frightens tourists and runners. He’s shocked me more than a few times. One day I’m going to sneak up on him and pour a Big Gulp on his head. Extra ice. Revenge is a dish best served cold.)

By the way, the Golden Gate bison are reviewed on Yelp!! Isn’t that strange?


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