My upcoming reading at the San Francisco public library

Click here for an “Upcoming” online blurb for that event. It’s on Wednesday, December 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the SF Public Library’s Mission Bay branch. (The event, of course, is free.)Here’s the link for directions to the branch (it’s right on the T-Line and near the Caltrain stop):

Also — here’s a windswept photo of the John Muir Trail (near Muir Pass) in honor of three readers who have written in, proclaiming their intentions to conquer the JMT next summer. Have a great time out there, but bring bug spray or mosquito netting when you go. (The skeeters will ambush you, especially at log crossings when you have to use your arms to balance yourself and can’t swat them away from your face and legs. Insects are smarter than you think!)

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