San Francisco has the ugliest couches in the world

In light of all the terrible things going on in the world at this moment (and, when you think about it, every moment) it might seem flippant to complain about this city’s selection of utterly hideous sofas and couches, and the fact that Craiglist in San Francisco offers nothing for sale other than the most stained skanky cat-claw-punctured sofas and futons I have ever seen. However, I think it’s worth mentioning, considering there is so much ugly furniture in this town. So far I’ve gone to about a dozen stores in search of a bearable sofa. I’ve seen sleazy black leather couches (the salesman assured me that they “never wear out, they only wear in.”) horrible mixed-plaid couches, and showroom couches that looked like they were dragged from the side of a Kern County highway. After more fruitless net searching, I decided to stop looking for nice couches and focus on the hideous ones. Thankfully, I found a one-stop shopping site ( with a great selection of truly vile couches. Check this site out. They are even worse than the ones on Craigslist.

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