The blog is in a brief hibernation (but not the author!!)

Cactuseaters blog will be asleep for a very brief spell, but feel free to keep leaving emails etc. I will still check every couple of days or so. Thanks, by the way, for the great submissions to the “Cactuseaters readers in the news” digest. I need two more to achieve a critical mass so don’t be bashful.

In other news, I saw this article about the fate of a Chappaqua, New York neighborhood bookstore in the Sunday Times. It’s a sad story — but I was inspired by that paragraph about a group of local residents in New Canaan, Conn., who put up money to extend the life of Elm Street Books, “more as a civic gesture than an entrepreneurial one.”

(By the way, I wanted to include a photo credit and copywrite info on this photo but couldn’t find it in the web. If you took this picture, let me know.)

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