The mysterious Mr. Pooh

Right now I am in the middle of doing the final grades for my writing students — but I am running into a slight bureaucractic glitch. The English department sent me a list of student names next to their essay grades. Most of the names are clearly recognizable. However, some of the names are a little strange, and I can’t figure out if they correspond to actual students or if they are imaginary people who exist only in another realm. Take, for example, the mysterious Crajantan Pooh. Crajantan Pooh did quite well on the University Essay. In fact, he scored well above the median. On the down side, I have never had a student named “Pooh” here or anywhere else. I put Mr. Pooh’s name into a worldwide Google search and nothing came up, not even when I narrowed the search to “Hangers-On of Christopher Robin,” “Tigger Has a Posse” and “Eeyore’s Therapy Group.” Now, I’m trying to figure out who this “Crajantan Pooh” might be, and get to the bottom of this issue, so to speak. Oh well. As they say, Pooh happens.

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