Writers who won’t quit: responses to “The Man in the Shoebox”

Hi everyone. I found a couple of lovely pieces inspired by my Poets & Writers piece from last fall. I loved reading these, and here they are, from The Heart of the Memoir and Pam Parker.

I would send you a link to my story, too, but I can’t because it’s behind a paywall, but perhaps at some point I’ll figure out a way to put up a link here. Anyway, it was an honor to read these, and sorry to be tardy about linking to your stories on my blog. I almost never check up on online responses to anything I write (and if you have read my story in Poets & Writers, you’ll know why I only look once or twice a year!!) Also, it was fun to see a mention of Annie Dillard in The Heart of the Memoir; she was one of my teachers a long time ago (though I didn’t mention her in the Poets piece.) In other news, I am hard at work on a brand-new project, and I’m hoping to get that into your hands in a couple of years or so. All for now.


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