Writing about parenthood with Amy Ettinger at the Capitola Book Cafe

“Have you cracked the parenting code for how to turn your kids into little angels who share toys and play on their own for hours? Have you battled the Tiger Mom who lives next door and won? Do you have some special insight about raising well-adjusted kids, but need an audience to share it with? Then don’t miss the writer Amy Ettinger’s upcoming class on this thorny topic, entitled “Diapers, Sleep Deprivation and Dating Daughters.” 

The class is starting to fill up — and right now, Amy is getting heaps of publicity and great feedback for her recent, button-pushing story in the Huffington Post, explaining why she is raising our daughter to be a ‘slacker’ (note the strategically placed square quotation marks).

Expect to hear some no-holds-barred juicy insider tidbits about parent-lit and the writing life, and get great feedback about your own writings in this intensive course.

Here is what Amy has to say about her upcoming course:

This three-hour workshop, open to writers of all levels, will explore these questions in detail. We’ll talk about how to write essays and articles for national publications and add your voice to the growing genre of parenting lit. The class will discuss essays by Anne Lamott and Lorrie Moore. We’ll also have on-the-spot sketches and exercises. Come with a topic in mind, some issue you would like to write about in detail, and think about what you might be able to teach other parents through your writing. As a bonus, this class will end with stories of triumph and horror from The Writing Life. Bring your questions about how to pitch and get published, how to work with editors and get your byline read by millions.”
Her bio:

Amy Ettinger writes for the New York Times, the Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Sierra, and the San Francisco Chronicle. She is a regular contributor to the website Care.com, where she writes about parenting topics ranging from mommy wars to helping kids stay social media safe. You can read some of her work at www.amyettinger.com.

Those who sign up will receive, via email, an assortment of essays as well as a brief writing assignment in advance of the class. These materials will be emailed to you two weeks before the class. Please read these selections and write the assignment before we meet.

***** Amy happens to be my wife, which means I am going to miss the whole thing because … I will be taking care of the kid! (artwork by me. All rights reserved. All apologies to Mr. Munch)


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